Types of machinery involved in the stone processing process

Stone machinery, tools, auxiliary materials, etc. are classified according to the production, use and maintenance of various stone materials.

For the division, see the table below.

Stone machinery types are divided according to the various production processes of stone materials and examples

Decorative stone production process

Examples of mechanical equipment required

Exploration and mine design stage

Geological drilling rig, ground drilling rig, radioactivity detector, sample analyzer, rock breaker, etc.

Stone mining stage

Rock drill, diamond wire saw, mast crane, top stone machine, car crane, excavator, chain pusher,

Air compressor, chain arm saw, etc.

Stone processing stage

Sand saw, circular saw, frame saw, mill, profiler, glue machine, sheet processing line,

Synthetic stone line, diamond tools, etc.

Stone decoration design

CAD software, digital cameras, computers, scanners, laser markers, etc.

Stone decoration stage

Wall saws, washing machines, refurbished machines, chemical anchors, dry pendants, pay-off machines, etc.

Stone testing stage

Press, radioactivity detector, caliper, steel ruler, wear meter, etc.

Stone repair and protection

Stone refurbished machine, washing machine, water absorbing machine, gloss detector, etc.

Comprehensive utilization of stone

Synthetic stone production line, filter, water purifier, stone punching machine, stone brick making machine, etc.

Other methods of classification of stone machinery classification

In addition to the division of the production process, the types of stone machinery are also divided according to their processing technology. Cut

Machine, in the cutting of stone wool board, on-site decoration, inspection will use the diamond section (or

Side) cutting machine for circular saw blades; like drilling rigs, sampling, drilling, decoration, art carving in the mine

Various rigs and the like are also used when engraving.

Also used according to the materials used, such as diamond, cubic boron nitride and other abrasive materials

Processing tools are collectively referred to as superhard material tools; synthetic equipment made from stone scrap is called superhard material

Material tools; synthetic stone equipment made from stone scraps is called synthetic stone production line.

Stone new technology equipment types and innovation

Stone machinery is also undergoing rapid changes like the machinery of other industries. Today, stone

Machinery has made more progress in many types than ever: such as sand saws for processing granite,

Spread to machinable m 7m wide, with 4 4 standard blocks at the same time, with 0 230 saw blades, h 24h can be processed

2 3500m2 efficiency model; the wire sawing machine and diamond bead rope technology for mining granite have matured.

Started to enter the mine in batches; special-shaped stone processing equipment is developing in a diversified and multi-model direction;

The promotion and use of stone processing centers with various tools provides a means for product innovation; stone CAD

The introduction and application of design software provides a colorful form and diagram for the decoration of stone

Cases; ultra-thin stone and oversized equipment have also been developed to make the size of new products more suitable.

The requirements of decoration and decoration; new and convenient stone decoration and decoration machinery and tools are more widely

Used in the decoration site; stone cleaning, protection, bonding machinery has become a new application area of stone chemistry;

Synthetic synthetic stone production equipment has been localized, promoted resource utilization, and promoted the use of

The development of synthetic synthetic stone and so on.

Key points and trends for future development of new stone technologies and new equipment

The future development of stone machinery will be more diversified, high efficiency, precision, automation, and water

The direction of the line is developed, in which the mining machinery is directed to a diamond wire saw, a large mast crane, a multi-head drilling machine, etc.

Adapt to the development of modern stone block material production efficiency; stone processing continuous production line

Exhibition, large sand saw, frame saw, multi-knife cutting machine, continuous mill and surface treatment equipment, profile processing

Machines, engraving machines, machining centers, etc. will be favored by users; the decoration machinery will be miniaturized,

Portable and diversified trends; stone maintenance machinery is miniaturized, specialized, and highly efficient

Chemical and portable development; stone testing instruments and equipment are more specialized, standardized, and generalized.

Miniaturization and intelligent development; stone decoration and decoration design to computers, databases, networks

Development, the combination of its corresponding equipment, instruments and use technology will also be the future of stone software science

The development part of the required. The development of these stone machinery will promote the stone industry to move toward modernization more quickly.

Into, the traditional industry of stone continues to present a new era of the times.


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